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We are breaking the stereotype of normal travel agencies and that traveling is hard and only for the elite or the rich people, we want people to see traveling as something essential for there growth and personal development rather than just a luxury and a way to have fun.

We are a Travel consultancy house that is being fully managed by real wayfarers whom are aiming to provide the cheapest prices with the best quality could ever be wished for.

Cheap trips aren’t made to be below our expectations. The Wayfarers offer backpacking budget trips with a great quality that exceeds your expectations.



Fully managed by our side and guided by one of our wayfarers, you will witness the real beauty of the world and catch up with all the missing non touristic spots. Click Below to see what's new!

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Customize your trip and get a tailored trip just for you! Guiding you starting from booking your ticket until you land back here safely, including managing all your trips.

Plug N Play


Travel as fast as possible! Ready made and planned trips to various destinations and different prices! One click on your destination then you will be on your way to it!

Pack N Go

We are four adventure seekers who are passionate about traveling for the sake of exploring. We have seen a lot through traveling and we want to expand our experience to aothers by aiding people to experience the fun and knowledge about travelling.


Ahmed is an Engineer who is very passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures. He's been to 35 cities in 11 countries. He will always go through new challenges and follow his passion in exploring every country in the world.


Mohamed is an engineer but that did not stop him from his thirst for adventure. He's been to 35 countries and 135 cities so far and still thirsty for more. He has also managed to travel 7 countries in 7 days without the use of any money in an international competition.


Eslam is a PR specialist, his passion didn't stop him from not mingling around the world. He’s been to 45 cities and 15 countries among 4 different continents. Exploring more diversities and getting closer to more communities that made the world his own homeland, and homesickness only be felt at his own homeland.


Anwar is an Architect who has chosen exploration as a life passion. He has dedicated his life to make an impact and he believes that impact without knowledge in achievable and this is where his passion for travel was ignited. It's true that you can find a life in a journey.

The Wayfarers have visited 40+ countries and organised tours for 50+ Egyptian travelers to discover the secret of traveling